Saturday, December 6, 2008

Busy weekend...

This weekend we seem to have fitted lots in! We went to a street potluck tea of Friday night and Santa came in an old car - so good to get to know all our neighbours better.

This is a big cycling weekend. Justin (from next door) did Round the bays in 2hours 20 mins, good work Gus, James did kids mini-bays in 20 minutes (I think) and today Reuben did Kids Criterium. All the wee kids got medals and he is so proud! We were shouting at him on the sideline to keep going and he had a cute wee smile on his face - he liked the fact we were cheering him on! He was actually probably nearly last, but because he was at the far back of the field when the time was up he was one of the first off. He thinks he did great - and he did. His personal goal was not to stop once and he didn't. Good on you Roo! maybe next year his goal will be to keep on peddling the whole time!!

Then tonight we went to a Christmas party at an amazing house in Hoon Hay. There was a pool and the kids could swim. Reuben came out so nice and clean looking - all the drawings on his legs and hands gone!

Between all these things I have done load after load after load of washing, all folded now. Almost finished making Christmas presents, just got the binding to put on two quilts, and make two aprons. Oh and think up something for Simona! What can I make for a 20 something chick that would be funky but fast to make???

Chrissy and Roo and I did a wee bit of Christmas shopping this afternoon and I also brought some Christmas lights and some new candles so now our dining room looks quite Christmassy. amazing what you can do with some bits from the $2 shop!! I'll take some pictures one night soon.

All in all a busy weekend. Now only two weeks of work before holidays - can't wait.

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