Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A doggy start to 2009...

Here is a photo of our poor little Maltese Terrier, Pepper who was hit by a car as the fireworks went off at Midnight (she sneaked out with Mondo and went on a new year adventure). She has her pelvis broken in two places and is feeling very poorly indeed. We are waiting for her to do some wees so that we know she is going to be ok. Very stressful (and expensive) start to 2009!



  1. Oh no - how horrible! Hope she feels better soon and the year gets better right away :-)

  2. So sorry to read this Deb! Reallyu hope she comes right for all those who love her. Mum xx

  3. That's not fun! I would tell you a story but it's not really in good taste - OK I'll tell brother and his family had a maltese terrier called...wait for it...Pepper! Yes really! Well Pepper got run over and didn't make it like your Pepper did. My brother and I couldn't help but tease his wife at dinner that week asking her if pepper steak was on the menu! Oh yes, I know, bad bad bad.

    Hope your little Pepper feels better soon:)


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