Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I wanted to post photos but I can't get either of the cameras to oblige for me! I have photos of summer plums... such a lovely colour and taste. The quilt I made for Bede on the weekend... a quick job but very effective in three colours! And pictures of kiddies having summer fun.

It's been really a difficult week for me, Russell who I work with has been on holiday (which he deserved) and I've had lots of nasty issues to deal with! Being tired and pregnant doesn't really help to think clearly and logically.

Still on Saturday we are off for a week to Akaroa, which is a beautiful spot not far away from here. My laptop is going off to be repaired tomorrow (the power pack is not working) and my sewing machine went away for repairs today, so both of my favourite tools are having 'holidays' too!

I got a piece of this fabric this week....

I love the flea market range so much but nobody brought it into New Zealand. I was looking at it on the internet but because of the New Zealand dollar, it's really to expensive. I prayed, and said to God, you know this is not that important, but I'd love a piece of that range! Then I found it on Trademe... two fat 8ths, it is so beautiful and so precious. I'm not sure what I'll do with it, but it was kind of encouraging to know that God cared about things that we just wanted, not just needed!

I'll probably post from my phone while we are away, and hopefully I can get the camera to comply when I get back!

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