Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Letter to Annie Rose

Dear Annie Rose,

When Reuben was a baby I prayed and dreamed and hoped that you would join our family... we had your name, we just didn't have you! Then after a while it seemed that maybe this dream was not going to come true and it got packed away in a dusty basket labelled "too hard".

Life goes on and other projects come along. I've been busy doing this and that, but mostly trying to be a good mum to your big sister and brothers. Then when I least expected it, we found out that you were going to join our family.

It's been a big adjustment, getting used to the idea of having a little baby in the house again, and there have been plenty of people to tell us how hard it will be. But today I got an email from a lovely lady who I've never met, who told me that the worst that could happen is that we will have... "The most delightful child who will be the center of your universe. Each child is such a miracle and to be able to have one now, what a blessing!!!!"

How true is that! I was forgetting how amazing a baby in the house would be. I can't wait to meet you Annie Rose, you are a miracle to our family and I thank God for you.

I love you our precious one.

Mum xxxx

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  1. I am glad I saw this and saying it helped you:-) Thank You!
    I was told I had to a hysterectomy when I was only 25 and I cried and cried. I had three adorable babies all by old fashioned c-section, still felt there was another one for us. At 26 I pleaded with my doctor to save everything, so I could have another child. Long story short I ahad a 4 hour surgery and If I were to heal carefully I could mayber have another one. Our youngest son was born when I was 27 years old. I then had to have a complete hysterectomy.
    The ability for you to still have a child I thought was so awesome.
    I am praying for a very healthy baby girl for you!
    I have a sweet DIL who was born to her mom when she was 42 years old. I am so glad we/ my son has her.



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