Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Summer Days...

Yesterday it was 33degrees celcius - 33... oh way too hot for me! I took Chrissy and Roo to Coalgate where the cousins are staying and we went down to the river for a play.
Mondo the dog swam and played in the river for over an hour. He was one tired little doggy to take home. Pepper has gone to stay with an elderly lady while she recovers. Our home is too busy for a dog that needs to be kept quiet for six weeks!
James is doing really well at work - he's getting very tired, but still enjoying himself. He's busy earning that trip to Australia. Grandma will have to start packing her bags I think. I have to say at $6 per hour he really is earning that trip!!


  1. After all this, there is only one thing to say: Have reverence for God, and obey his commands, because this is all that we were created for. ECCLESIASTES 12:13 TEV

  2. It will probably be Grand & Grand! Remembered that Hobart, Tasmania is only an hour or 2 away by boat too. Let's make this trip memorable all round :0


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