Friday, January 30, 2009

Why Parenting is like Russian Roulette...

We've just come back from a lovely lovely week in Akaroa. Such beauty, and so close to home! Holidays are a great opportunity to sharpen up on ones parenting.

Example 1:
Girl child, 15. Found an embroidery partially completed at op shop for $1, gave to girl child. Girl child very excited. Does two stitches and decides too hard. Mother thinks for moment... says, no actually, you can do that. i want that bud finished by bed time. Child sulks but continues. Days later picks up at every opportunity, but still says "I'm not enjoying it!!" with big grin on face.

Example 2:
Boy child, nearly 7. Wants lollies. Tell child to play quietly with Kinex for one hour then you can have lollies. Child lies on floor and cries for 45 minutes.
Tell boy child to wash and dry breakfast dishes. Child happily does dishes and gets lollies.

Example 3:
Boy child, 13. Is being "mouthy". Tell boy child to vacuum car in the morning. Boy child calls parents nasty name. Boy child gets two cars to vacuum. Long story. Two cars need panel repairs.

Why oh why don't children come with instruction manual???

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