Thursday, February 5, 2009


This is the pile of quilts waiting for me to bind them! But first I had to make curtains for Chrissy's new bedroom we are building in the garage. I've worked two 10 hour days in a row, and so my body is pretty tired, but today is a public holiday in New Zealand, so I made Chrissy's curtains. It is seriously hot here 30 C (86F) not a good day to sit under metres and metres of nylon lining sewing up curtains. Still they are all done now, and my sewing machine has been repaired and is waiting for me to pick it up, so now I can do my pile of baby quilts.

Oh I made all the baby sheets today too, $6 a pair homemade as opposed to $20+ for bought ones. And the bonus is that when baby is finished with them, I can recycle them into quilts!!

Only 8 weeks till Annie Rose arrives!!

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  1. Sweet little miracle! She is so lucky to have you for her mom!

    Wow it is warm over there... I wish we had a little bit to melt all our snow!


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