Monday, March 2, 2009

Take a Breath!

I've been so busy this week organising an event for work. But we had it last night and it went off beautifully. I was pretty anxious about to be honest. And as I drove around yesterday afternoon doing last minute pick-ups I was talking to God about it. I was reminding God how unless He is watching, we work in vain and I was giving it back to Him again! I remembered the verse that says, "What ever you do, do it heartily as to God and not man". It really makes it worth while doing your job this way.

Anyway running an event is a bit like a roller coaster ride. Once you put the wheels in motion, you can't really stop them. We had all the right ingredients though and thankfully it went well. In the current "doom and gloom" economic conditions, it's important to keep doing the important things well, and we believe that being sustainable is one thing that will ride out the storm!
It's autumn here in the South Island, it's still summery up north, but here the leaves are changing and the mornings are dark, and the smoke rises from the chimneys.....

Some precious down time on the weekend, doing some simple projects and watching movies with my boys... we watched Kung Fu Panda (great message) and Space Chimps (fun). It was good.


  1. We watched Kung Fu Panda last time we were in Coalgate. Such a great movie!

  2. I also sometimes pray while driving around. Moments of calm are pretty rare so I take them when they come. What a great verse. Good luck with the last little bit of your pregnancy. It seems like I was just barely in your shoes - so very pregnant with my 4th it was hard to move around. Now my baby just turned one. It goes by so fast!


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