Thursday, April 23, 2009

[Insert clever title here]

Here's the menfolk in our house bathing the little princess! it's hard to believe that we were worried about how we would fit another little person into our house. Annie-Rose has just fitted in to our hearts like she's always been there. It's amazing. Our cynical thoughts have all been replaced with love for this little cutie.

She's still a very little one though, she got weighed yesterday and is not piling on the weight like she ought to! (now 8lb 2oz) So she's going to get a few more bottles to supplement what I give her.

Next time I come across a cynical person, I'm going to wonder to myself what pain lies behind their words. Now that we have Annie-Rose our cynicism about babies and such like has flown out the door on wings and it makes me wonder if that attitude is fed from unrealised expectations, disappointments and past sadness. I never realised that before! I hope I remember to be much more compassionate when I find someone like that next time.


  1. Little Annie Rose is not only lucky to have handsome men in her life but a very beautiful and wise mom!:)

    I am so glad you are enjoying your precious gift!

  2. Are people saying mean things??

    Do you want me to kick their tushies??

    I got your back!

    I think your title should be..

    Spiderman and two civilians bathing Princess!

  3. I love your insight about cynicism. Your baby is precious, precious. It is so sweet to see the "menfolks" tenderly caring for her.


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