Friday, April 24, 2009

Invisible Children

Today we are going to go into the Square with loads of other families to raise awareness for the Invisible children in Uganda. Click here for more info if you are interested. All the kids have to carry every thing they need for the night, including food and water from Beckenham park to the Square (about 5 kms) and they are going to sleep the night in the Square. David and I and the little ones are going from 3-6pm to be part of it, but not stay the night. As part of what they are going to do, they are going to create some art works and letters for their political representatives. We took this photo of the six (!!) of us this morning for them to use....


  1. I guess this was an event held around-the-world, because I was just reading about a similar demonstration on another blog, Musings. This one was in Canada, I believe.
    Hard to believe children are being forced to be soldiers. So sad, and such evil to condone it.


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