Monday, April 27, 2009

Jaws of Life

This blog is becoming a family blog instead of a making things/thinking blog. But hey, life is as it is and this is where we are right now! I'm actually not going to apologise because life is full of phases, some times we make things, some times we think about things and other times we just enjoy being a family!

On Sunday we took the two little ones to a display of emergency vehicles etc and Reuben got to have a go with the Jaws of Life. It was incredible. He got to cut the car which he thought was cool, and we did too! The Jaws of Life are so quiet but so powerful, they just gently cut the car with no drama.


  1. The Jaws of life were used to cut my dad from the wreckage of a car. It took three hours to do so. I am glad Reuben had fun:)

  2. That is great! The Jaws are a great thing to have around. I can remember when our community fire station first got one. It was so exciting, and they have saved many lives since.


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