Saturday, May 23, 2009

clothing girls...

I made this skirt from a tutorial I found somewhere on someone's blog. I can probably find it if you want the link. It is the best wrap around skirt ever, it actually makes me look, you know almost streamlined!! I joined Weight Watchers on Tueday so hopefully I'll be tightening up those ties!! do you like the fabric? I found it at the Salvation Army second hand store ages ago... genuine retro synthetic. Love it love it love it.
these are teenie, tiny dresses for Annie-Rose. I went to Just Kids to look on Friday and tiny dresses like these are $30. Ah no! I'm not paying that. So thought I would finally conquer my fear of the overlocker (serger) and start sewing. Hence the skirt for me (trial run) and these dresses. I need to learn to do facings rather than just fold it over and sew down. Anyway I figure in the mean time people will be looking at said cute baby rather than my slightly shonky sewing!!

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  1. Very those wee little dresses for Annie-Rose!


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