Sunday, June 28, 2009

Alternate ways of learning...

Reuben took this picture of Chrissy and himself...Reuben is 7 1/2. He can write his name, count almost to 20 and recognise most of the alphabet. He gives the best cuddles, he counts how many times Annie-Rose has smiled at him (16) and worries about what will happen next.

Reuben also has epilepsy. Epilepsy effects everybody differently. For Reuben, it means the reading part of his brain gets re-arranged every time he has a seizure and he can't access that information and has to learn it again.

Its hard to keep relearning this stuff fun for Reuben. So one of the things we've done, is make him a blog and give him an old digital camera. He loves to take pictures and then we put them on his blog and put wee captions. It makes learning fun.

Reuben's not feeling so great at the moment, so if you have a minute to pop over to Reuben's blog and leave him a comment and tell him where you are from, he would be very very very happy. Thanks so much.

Oops forgot to put the addres!! Its here... Reuben's Computer Diary.


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