Thursday, June 4, 2009

And the winner is...

Number 593.... Brenda who said: "I adore buttons. I will be following you."

Thank you so so so so so much everybody who commented, visited and became a follower. I'm overwhelmed by the response. It's been so much fun seeing where you all come from. I want to visit you all, but will take some time!! Please do stick around and pop in every now and again.

So Brenda send me an email and I'll get them in the mail to you!


  1. Well, I must say I am disappointed :-D
    But congratulations to Brenda!! She has some lovely goodies coming her way.

  2. Lucky Brenda! There are a whole lot of jealous ladies out here!!

  3. I still LOOOOOVE those buttons, even if they belong to someone else!!!

    Ok, so back to the comment you left on my blog, I can make you a lovely aqua colored hat out of a nice lightweight acrylic, if you like. I would need to know how tiny you are looking for? I could actually just whip one up and put it on my etsy and if you look back in a few days, you can decide whether or not you want it. Just give me an idea of what style you like and I will get started on it!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

    Have a great day!

  4. I have a very good friend who started out promising not to stalk me, so I guess...

  5. Again, sorry for posting here, but I wanted to say that I read your short profile and did not go any farther with that, so I am just now realizing that you are from NZ! Really cool! I hate to sound sheltered, but all of my blogging buddies are from US! Pretty interesting!


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