Thursday, June 11, 2009

I have a friend here...

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The web is amazing. Here I am at the bottom of the world and can visit to see a warm, talented, funny mum writing. Thanks MommaB xxx


  1. Thanks Lady! It is interesting to see Me on the map like that! Gotta love the way the "web" closes such wide gaps!

  2. The web is amazing! I am glad I have a great talented mum in Christchurch!
    The quilts are so pretty, inviting and as you said, so loved. Ours are too. My daughter has made some fabulous ones. Most of Mine use to be hand quilted, something I will do for our 11th grandchild coming in September. They each get a hand quilted quilt from Nana.
    She machine quilts them is a puzzle like stitch on the sewing machine.
    Deb it was our 38th anniversary! Ekk it is climbing up and we looked at each other in a fuuny movie yesterday and laughing very hard...I said I do not feel like we are getting older! (ell other than my back:) We do not feel old enough to have that many years under our belts!
    It is a good thing I married the best man ever...for me!
    Rueben's costume looked great and he looks so pleased. he has a grea mum! I hope all is going well with everyone!


    My daughters blog is

  3. I am laughing at my run on sentences and lack of punctuation! sorry! :)

  4. Isn't it fabulous tool Deb, we have gone through all of my blogging friends addresses which I have from overseas and looked where they live. Because we were able to give full address we were able to see their actual homes and surroundings. Just like being there.

  5. You also have one in alaska!
    I heart the internet bunches!

  6. haha, She really is a warm talented "mum." I hate to brag, but I really do have the most wonderful big sister a girl could have. I'm glad you guys hit it all, and to think it all started with buttons. ;o)


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