Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's arrived...

A parcel with lots of USA stamps....with not one but TWO of these cute cute hats by MommaB....
They are a tiny bit big, but oh so cute.
Just the styliest little hat ever...
Thank you so much!
PS... I don't know why my photos are looking so grainy. Is it the lighting?? I wish I knew. I look at other blogs and the photos are always beautiful. Maybe I should research this!!


  1. How sweet!

    I blame my photos on my cheapo camera! I'm SURE they will get better when I get a better camera (although I'm probably kidding myself and its just my skill, or lack thereof!)

  2. OMG Deb, BEAUTIFUL!!! What a sweet little model as well!

    I totally sympathize with you on your photos! I know a lot of bloggers have really good cameras, and others use really good photo editing software (or both), and really know how to work the camera. Then, there are people like me that have a cheap camera with not very many options and give the photos to you pretty much straight from the camera. Someday maybe I'll get a good camera... But for now there are so many more important things to me!

  3. WooHoo! I am so glad that you/she like(s) them! The little one is so cute on her! I guess you read my note, but I'll say again that I thought because it was made for her, the bigger one should go to her too!

    As for the pics, I find that low lighting can be a challenge, but also, is it possible that you batteries are on the way out???

  4. Oh! I love it on her! Its so adorable and so surreal to see one of my sister's hats in NZ. haha

  5. What a cute baby and hat. By the way I received the beautiful buttons and lavender sachet. They are great.

  6. Cute hats!

    I'd say the problem was probably low light - flash not firing properly perhaps? You could also check to see what speed (ISO) the camera is set to, perhaps someone's accidentally set it to the wrong speed. OR check your image size setting, you might just be taking really low-quality photos instead of larger ones which will be less grainy and crisper.


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