Saturday, June 6, 2009

Quilting a long...

My quilting bee blocks both turned to custard so I'm waiting for some replacement fabrics (major oops) and this weekend I thought I'd try and keep up with Dana's Quilt-a-long. So from this....

to this!! A pile of strips sewn together. Look the Deb dolly looks tired!! haha. Actually I am so sleep deprived at the moment, I've been sleeping on the sofa all week cause David is sick (and snores so much) and Annie-Rose has been unsettled.
Here's the top for Tyrin. Actually this is before I took it to Shenleigh, who pointed out that all the helicopters are flying upside down!! We fixed it and Shenleigh magically quilted it today. It's ready for binding. Tyrin is David's little boy who he mentors through the Big Brothers, Big Sister's program. Tyrin turns 7 on Thursday.


  1. You really are a mad quilter, huh?!? I love making quilts, but it takes me so long to hand quilt them that I don't do much of it, since Meeeeema has started walking! She is into everything and she drives me crazy, if I try to sit still!

  2. Oh! For me, that would be a sewing nightmare. I made flannel pj's for my family last year for Christmas. I was planning on making some for my fiance and I as well. However, after I sewed his wrong, sewing the crotch and opening together instead of leaving them open, I never finished them. I hate putting work into a project just to have to rip it out. Very cute, though!


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