Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Using the left overs...

I cut the two left over blocks and all the short ends of the Quilt-a-long quilt into 2 1/2 " strips and made this wee top. I think it would be lovely for a baby. Maybe I might try and sell this. My sister Sharyn showed me a website called "Felt" which is like a New Zealand version of Etsy. It's got some lovely things on it. I'm going to join I think and sell a few things.


  1. I was just thinking, it looks like the baby will have a quilt that matches the others! The colors are so nice together! It makes me want to get my machine out, but my littlest one will not leave things alone, so I don't sew very often right now. Maybe you will get lucky and AR will be so used to you sewing that she won't mess with it!

  2. Nice! I wish you luck with your selling efforts. I haven't sold anything yet in my shop, but I haven't advertised well either. I only have a few things, and I know I'll get my first sale some day. Until them, I am content to just make things.


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