Thursday, July 30, 2009


I went to pick up some paint today from Aalto Country Colours to take up the hill to Peter. They had this cute display.. I love the bright colours and the snowflakes. Very cute. Also nice colour combinations, would make a neat quilt. And this awesome wallpaper....

Memo to self: get the camera back so you can take better photos!

I miss you baby when I'm working...

but I'm so glad Grandma gets to play with you honey.
Isn't your Grandma the greatest??

I actually made something today...

Sorry this is a terrible photo. I must get my cameras back!! This is a bag for MommaB who made me a very cute bag here, we are doing a swap. I hope she likes it, actually it's not perfect but it is large and ROOMY!! just what I think she needs. I don't have your address so please email me and I might just get it off to the post tomorrow. Love you chicky xxx

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Don't walk... RUN!

Over to Rachel's blog and enter this giveaway. We all need more fabric right? Right!
Speaking of running, can you see a black dot on the river bank? that's Reuben who is running along the bank to scare the seagulls. If you look really closely you can see all the birds flying across the river. I love watching him do it... t's so much fun to be a kid! I still haven't got my cameras back, but the photos my phone takes are not too bad.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eye Spy Squares...

Here's my Eye-Spy squares for the swap by Meredith... I've a mixture of girly and boys prints because I want to make one for Reuben and one for Annie-Rose.
I am so tired this week, I don't know why so cutting out fabric was all I can manage!!

Of course i did not eat four pieces of coconut ice for my lunch...

No that would not be me. But if I was going to this is what I would make....

Jeremy's Coconut Ice Recipe

1 tin condensed milk
4 cups coconut
4 cups icing sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla essence
few drops red food colouring

Mix the first four ingredients together (the cake mixer makes it easy). Put half into a lined slice tin. Add a few drops of red food colouring the the remaining half. Mix through. Spread over the white layer. Press down and refrigerate till firm. Cut into squares.

Way too easy and way too delicious!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ginger Gems!!!

Although the sun is shining, it's bitterly cold here. The cupboard is bare of baking and I was going to make piklets for afternoon tea for the boys. Then I remembered that there was a receipe for Ginger Gems in the Sunday Star Times and seeing as the oven was going to be on for the beef casserole for tea I made a batch...
Ginger Gems

1 cup flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon ground giner
1/2 cup golden syrup
1 dessertspoon butter
1 egg
A little egg

Preheat oven to 180 deg. C and put gem irons in to heat for 20 minutes. Melt butter and syrup together, until just warmed and dissolved. Sift dry ingredients together and add syrup and butter to them. Now add egg (beaten) and milk. Spoon into gem irons and bake for 10 minutes. Serve split and buttered while still hot.

Hmmm just as good as I remembered! My friend's mum, Gill used to make them I remember when I was a kid.


I didn't do much sewing at all on the weekend. But I did sew some white fabric to each side of these scraps. I left my good camera in Invercargill and I've lent my other one to Renee, so these pics are from my phone!

Pop over here to the cutting edge of ordinary (isn't that the best blog name ever?) and look at this receipe for Apple pie... I just have to try this. Thanks Lisa, did I need another addiction??

David took me out for coffee..

We went to Sumner in the late afternoon. It was a stunning afternoon where you realised that Spring is just around the corner.

The setting sun made lovely long shadows. Now if I was this tall look how slim I would be!

A cup of coffee and a look through a magazine. Ah loveliness!

And look who we spotted in the magazine... it's our own Roo eating a chocolate eclair. He was photographed a few weeks ago at the Lyttleton Market. I think he was the person who enjoyed them the most that day...

We sat and watched the setting sun make patterns on the clouds....

and then went home for dinner.

Yesterday I got to hang out with my sister...

and we bumped into mum and dad and had coffee with them. It was awesome!
Also we got the latest Frankie magazine. Chrissy and I love this magazine. Click here for their awesome wallpapers.

Big girl!

My little girl and Grandad!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Need more inspiriation for those vintage sheets?

Pop over to Anyone can Quilt and look at this on her design wall...

For years I've collected Enamelware (you know the white stuff with blue edges) and old kitchen utensils. I love to think of the person going and buying it all new and being pleased with it. The same applies to these old sheets. I imagine girls being given them for their "hope chest" or going with hard earned dollars to buy them. They've been washed carefully and looked after, maybe with some lavendar to keep them fresh and they would never have imagined us cutting them up carefully and treasuring the precious fabric. I'm sure these grandmothers and great-grandmothers would be thrilled and happy to know that we love them as much [maybe more] as they did and amazed to see what we can make from them.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Pins and Thimbles...

This morning I Goggled "vintage sheet quilt" and found Anne at Pins and Thimbles. I love these quilts they are amazing. I want to make one NOW!

Another emergency present!

So Roo is going to Anna's birthday party and I needed a present. So out of my stash comes this cute fabric and behold... a library bag! Every kid needs one [smile] whew! I've really mastered the whole bag thing now... I'm pleased with my handles and also with the lining. They are looking good. I should make some for my coming Etsy shop!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

15 Weeks...

Oh we love you Annie-Rose! How could we not have known how much we would love you. This time last year we were stunned to know you were coming and now we can't imagine our lives with out your lovely lovely little presence. Thank God for our amazing gift.

PS The electric blue nails are Chrissy's - teenagers are fantastic!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

See this wee pile of scraps....

I have a plan for them!
I love to see how far I can make fabric go!

Watch this space!

Not that I'm gloating or anything...

but I just LOVE the Salvation Army shops. Reuben was feeling sick on the way home yesterday and we stopped at Balcutha where we just happened to find another Salvation Army Shop. Now we all know that the best thing for feeling car sick is to wander about a Sally Army Shop and buy lovely vintage sheets!! LOL

I could not believe so many lovely sheets in one place. It was incredible.

Look at them all sitting by the washing machine waiting for a wash!

Happiness is a line full of clean sheets! Actually last month we only had 13 hours sunshine in the whole month so it's amazing to see the sunshine.

I can only blame Home Sweet Hideaway for my love of vintage sheets. She's working on this quilt which I just love.

Oh no! my baby is growing up...




How does it happen so fast?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On the way home...

Reuben was very good, but its a long trip indeed. We stopped for a few minutes here at Morakei to look at these amazing boulders. I remember seeing them when I was a kid and they are incredible. I don't know how they are formed but they are completely round.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I love to fossick in an Op-shop

Yesterday we packed up to come home, and drove for about an hour and a half, but we had to turn back because of the snow! I just wasn't happy to keep driving with the little ones in the car. After I turned back I saw the snow plow go past so that confirmed it for me. Also there was absolutely no cars coming from Dunedin. Anyway I'm very happy to get a couple of extra nights and also to miss a meeting I didn't want to go to at home!!
On Friday we went to Winton to pick up something for Anne. There was an amazing Salvation Army second hand shop in Winton. It was fantastic.
I got these lovely plates.

They are not labelled or anything, but I loved the designs on them. If I was nice I would give them to Sharyn who loves birds!! I'm not sure if she likes plates.

I also got this pile of great vintage sheets.

Aren't they amazing?

Also this cute cardy for $2. today I'm hoping to conquer Anne's ironing pile to earn my keep! I wonder if I can justifiy another trip to the most amazing fabric shop in the South Island?? I'll post some pics of the fabric Anne brought for me to make a quilt for her grandaughter!

Boy In The Park

It was just lovely wandering around the gardens with Reuben and the dogs.
The country side is beautiful.

Roo loves having me all to himself and darted around showing me this and that.

It was great to see him rushing here and there enjoying the big grassy space.

The house at Beersheba is amazing. It's ENORMOUS!