Thursday, July 30, 2009

I actually made something today...

Sorry this is a terrible photo. I must get my cameras back!! This is a bag for MommaB who made me a very cute bag here, we are doing a swap. I hope she likes it, actually it's not perfect but it is large and ROOMY!! just what I think she needs. I don't have your address so please email me and I might just get it off to the post tomorrow. Love you chicky xxx


  1. Good thing the back isn't perfect, or it wouldn't let my kids touch it! See, the thing, none of us are perfect either and a perfect bag just would not do!

    I bet it is perfect!

    Thanks so much! I will email my address.

  2. I'm glad your swap is under way! I just had my first international swap this past week, and both items are in the mail, mine to her and hers to me. :) Can't wait!


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