Saturday, July 18, 2009

I love to fossick in an Op-shop

Yesterday we packed up to come home, and drove for about an hour and a half, but we had to turn back because of the snow! I just wasn't happy to keep driving with the little ones in the car. After I turned back I saw the snow plow go past so that confirmed it for me. Also there was absolutely no cars coming from Dunedin. Anyway I'm very happy to get a couple of extra nights and also to miss a meeting I didn't want to go to at home!!
On Friday we went to Winton to pick up something for Anne. There was an amazing Salvation Army second hand shop in Winton. It was fantastic.
I got these lovely plates.

They are not labelled or anything, but I loved the designs on them. If I was nice I would give them to Sharyn who loves birds!! I'm not sure if she likes plates.

I also got this pile of great vintage sheets.

Aren't they amazing?

Also this cute cardy for $2. today I'm hoping to conquer Anne's ironing pile to earn my keep! I wonder if I can justifiy another trip to the most amazing fabric shop in the South Island?? I'll post some pics of the fabric Anne brought for me to make a quilt for her grandaughter!


  1. driving in the snow is never of my least favorite things to do. those plates are lovely. i especially love the one with the blue rim and flowers in the middle... and i dream about finding that many vintage sheets all at once. great finds

  2. I feel another quilt coming on! Good for you finding bargains!

  3. I have not gotten to send your bag yet. I am sorry for that. My husband has been helping others and has been busy, so I did not make it to the post office, but I tried on Saturday, only to find out that customs have changed and I needed to fill out a certain sheet, that would take more time that the post office had left to be open, so I am hoping to do it today. Sorry, again!

  4. I just went to a Salvation Army shop today and fell in love! Of course, I had $1 and some change. I will definitely go back often, since it is really not far from my home (how did I ever not notice it before???). I managed to buy a nice brown classic Italian leather handbag for $3. Then, when I tire of it, I won't feel bad passing it back along to someone who else who may need it!


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