Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Look at this...

We brought the boys matching shirts half price at the Warehouse.

Even we had to look closely to figure out which was which. they are like twins these two but six years apart. Shame they don't get on... but that's another story.

It's winter school holidays here and freezing cold. The sun did shine today but didn't get above 9 degrees. We have apparently had the coldest winter since 1970 and in the last two weeks only 13 hours of sunshine! Yesterday I agreed to take the boys (and Annie-Rose) to get some much needed warm pants (and the shirts) and also to join the video shop and hire a video. (There is a long story about the video shop we are still members of but can't go back to. Involving a very silly 13 year old boy and a dvd that got returned to an empty shop)

Anyway, I go into Video Ezy and say i want to join up. Of course says the woman behind the counter, you just need photo ID and a bill with your home address on. Oh bother. I had a business card, but apparently they needed residential address. I could not bear to load the children back in the car, drive home and drive back. What silliness. I could go to Hirequip, and get a digger with my drivers ID, how come I need all the drama for a stupid DVD?? I am very tired, and majorly stressed one way and another and this was almost the last straw. I was tempted to start crying and throwing DVDs around the shop, but luckily managed to restrain myself and walk calmlyish out of the shop, maybe never to return.

I let the boys play playstation all afternoon.

I gave up.


  1. Haha that is a sad/funny story! You can leave the country with only one form of id but you can't hire a video??

  2. Not fail! Just a little peace and quiet! You win! Mommy wins! Even if it is not quite the way you were hoping to win!


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