Thursday, July 9, 2009

My first quilt...

I can't believe I'm actually posting a photo of this, but Camille is getting us to do a parade of first quilts. This is mine...
Someone gave me a bag of scrap fabrics, I wonder why they were all gingham? Anyway I had this metal triangle and I used it as my template. Look at my applique...

Look mum - no hands!
A Rabbit

A girl (complete with basket of flowers!)

And a wee truck with parcels on the back!
All drawn by me, hand done. I'd never seen a quilt book or pattern at this stage. I'd barely even seen a quilt. I had though, read about quilts in the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. I wondered to myself what a "nine-patch" was. I think I was about 19 when I made this. It kept me busy for hours!
This is the latest quilt I made, it is finished now but I haven't got a photo. I love this quilt, i think it could be my new favourite!

See practise helps!