Monday, August 3, 2009

It's all fun and games till someone gets hurt....

Reuben fell of a chair and hurt his arm last night. He screamed so much that I was convinced his arm was broken. So off we went to the hospital to get it xrayed. Luckily it wasn't although still very sore. We got home very late last night. We're all a bit tired today. I have all four children home for one reason or another. We think James has swine flu (it's rampant here.... those of you in the northern hemisphere can look forward to this joy in your winter), Chrissy is having a Learning from Home day working on her entry for the Young Designer awards, Reuben is tired (playing playstation!!) and Annie-Rose is being Annie-Rose! I was going to have the day off but ended up busy all morning sorting out a disaster we've had involving $200 per roll wallpaper from Belguim. Fun fun fun. I'm off to the post office now to post my eyespy squares and then I'm going to piece the vintage sheet quilt. It's an order for someone special so I need to get on to it. Look at these cute pics though....
Every girl needs a wee boy to play with...

and kiss!! lol - Annie-Rose loves Noddy. Have you entered my vintage sheet giveaway yet?? I can't wait to give away this great pile of scraps.

I'm a happy wee girlie.


  1. Oh, no, the swine flu??!! I heard today the vaccine will involve 2 shots, plus a regular flu shot. With the ittle guy around, I'm half tempted to put all the kids through that, but we'll see... I don't even know if it will be available to us. I hope Rueben and James are better soon!!!

  2. She's so cute! Can't wait to cuddle her again next week.

  3. thank goodness that your son is ok!! swine flu...hmm...sounds like that is going to be a pain


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