Friday, August 14, 2009

Nine-patch blocks and a finished bag!

I printed off my to-do list and had great satisfaction in crossing things off. Am I the only one who adds things to the list specifically so that I can cross them off? No? Ah well, never mind. It just feels so good.
Chrissy who has used up her allowance already this month I think (!!) was happy for me to make a bag for her friend today. She's off to a weekend at Hamner for Hannah's 16 year old birthday. Good luck to Mel and Mark who are taking a bunch of giggly girls!!

Normally she won't let me. Oh mum, nobody wants a bag!! Hopefully it will get a great response and we can make a few more. It seems so much nicer to me to give a home-made present than give a $20 note and a card. I'm old fashioned though (apparently!)

I managed to sew one 61/2 inch strip on one side of all my 70ish 9-patch blocks from the quilt along. Yes I know everybody else is LONG since finished. But you know.... life happens. I'll get there.


  1. I am a firm believer in the fact that it is so much nicer to give a hand-made gift. Of course, I don't know that most people appreciate the effort that go into those gifts, either. It doesn't stop me from doing it, though! I love the bag, too. It is super cute!

  2. The bag is adorable!! I love the mushroom fabric! Nicely done! And yes, when I make a to-do list, there are totally things on there that are simply there to cross off, because I know I'll do them no matter what.

  3. Great bag!! Love the fabric.
    Hooray for handmade gifts!!!
    Andi :-)

  4. Yes, I have even actually put things like eat breakfast, breathe, eat lunch, go potty and eat supper on my "to do" lists!

    Love the bag!

  5. It is fabulous to be able to make gifts to give, huh?! It is much easier to give someone something that represents their likes than buying something in the store! UGH! I hate shopping for people, but I love giving gifts!

    BTW, I forgot to let you know that I got the square! Very cute! Thanks so much! I love that you sent one all that way! You are very sweet!


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