Monday, August 10, 2009

Bag from Vintage Sheet Tutorial...

Remember this hanging on the line? Well I made it into this....
I wanted to make a tutorial that ANYBODY could make, even if you don't have all the gear. So if you don't own a mat and roller cutter and you have a pair of scissors, an iron, a sewing machine and four pins, then please have a go at this tutorial! This is a very basic bag, but it's quick and easy to make and this one cost me about $4, plus I have plenty of extra fabric to make another one. Right let's get started. First lay your sheet on the floor.

Now fold across one side to make the width of the bag that you want.

Make a wee cut at right hand side of the side of your bag shape and tear off the fabric on the right of this. Does this make sense? Now work out how high you want your bag and make a wee cut like this and tear off the top strip.Now you have two pieces. Tear the narrow strip in half. This makes your handles.
Fold the big piece of fabric in half, make a wee cut on the fold and tear the piece in two. These become the front and back of your bag.

Put the tray cloth on one of the bag pieces.

Using your four pins, pin in place.

Sew the tray cloth in place. I chose to do it along the edge of the fabric, but you can choose where.Fold your table cloth in half and lay the bag top on it.

Cut the table cloth around the edge of the bag piece.

Lay your bag piece on top of some batting.
Cut the batting the same as the bag top.

Now you have two handle pieces, two batting pieces, two lining pieces (tablecloth) and a front and back of your bag....

Take your sheeting piece without the tray cloth sewn on (the back) and press it in half.

Keep doing this until you have pressed a grid into it.

Lay your backing piece onto a batting piece, and using your four pins, pin down the centre line and sew down the line.

Continue doing this until you have sewn down all the lines.

Now lay the top piece onto a piece of batting. I decided to sew around and around the tray cloth.

I used the sewing machine foot and sort of guessed where to go. I like the effect of the stitching sort of flowing around the square.

Keep doing it till you are pleased with the effect.

Done! Now lay the back onto the front, right sides together.

Pin down and sew three sides of your bag.

Turn the bag right side out.

Sew three sides of the lining, leaving a gap at the bottom.

Fold the strips in half and press, then open it up and press each side to the middle. Then fold it in half with the sides to the middle. Does this make sense?? I hope you are saying yes at this point! Sew each side of the handle. I find it easy to just use the foot of the sewing machine along the edge of the fabric like this to make the stitching line easy.
Pin the handles at the top where you want them to be. Sew them down.

Now pop the bag into the lining with the right sides facing each other. Pin at the sides and in the middle. Sew all around the top edge.
Turn the bag around to the right side through the hole you left in the bottom of the lining. After you have turned it around, sew up the hole. Turn the bag the right way around.
Sew around the top of the bag.

Your bag is all done! congratulations....

Trim off any loose threads and look....

One bag ready to use! do you like it??

I love mine! This is the kind of recyling I can handle!!!


  1. How cool Deb! Great tutorial...and SNap on the iron!!

  2. Hey Deb! I think I might even be able to follow THESE directions! I am not the best at that! Good job!

  3. this is adorable! Way to go!! great directions too

  4. I love it. What a great way to use those cute scarfs. You are giving me ideas.

  5. LOve it, Deb. Great tutorial!

  6. Great tutorial, thanks for sharing! I have "make a bag" on my to-do list, and this one definitely looks doable.

  7. Very nice!!! Thanks so much for the tutorial! I hope to make one sometime! You do such lovely work!!!

  8. Great tutorial! It is so cute.

  9. nice easy to follow tutorial thanks Deb- i liked your tip of ironing a grid onto the fabric to make the lines for sewing. Was wondering how to get nice straight lines!


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