Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tutorial to make Pot Holder out of old napkin and a tea towel....

I found this cute cloth at the op-shop. I think it was a napkin. Anyway there's always loads of napkins at second hand shops so any napkin will do for this.
I had this teatowel in our teatowel drawer. It looks like someone has eaten it, which they very may well have. We had a little dog at one point which would eat ANYTHING!! anyway it still had some good bits.

So i just laid my napkin on my teatowel and some batting and cut around the batting and teatowel to fit the napkin. No need to stress about this, near enough is good enough!
Then putting the teatowel and napkin right side together with batting on the back, I sewed all around leaving a wee gap for turning. I trimmed off the corners to make it look neater when turned. See the iron mark on my ironing board? that's why you need an iron with an automatic cut-out switch. When James was much younger he left it on all night face down and this is the mark it made...
Then turn to right side through the wee hole - this is the only slightly tricky bit.

I made a wee tag for hanging using the same method I did the other day for my bag handles, inserted it in the gap and sewed all the way around.

It was so easy and fast. I think I might make a few for my shop. They would make great presents for someone who cooks. Maybe with a good food magazine and a bar of quality Chocolate....
Let me know if you make one! I'd love to see it.


  1. great idea...i could really find this useful in my house...i should see what i have lying about that would be good for it

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. I love to find projects that recycle things!


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