Sunday, August 30, 2009

A weekend 'away' !!

On the weekend it is just possible that our families thought we were away here having a girls weekend.... When actually we stayed at Shenleigh's house and worked here in her sewing room....
Doing a lot of this....

and producing a few bags, a lot of cushions (forgot to photograph them)

A bag for the journal which has pencil roll type inside for the pens...and most of all the quilt for our friends wedding. It actually was a great idea. No packing, cleaning, travelling, just getting stuck into what we really wanted to do which was SEW!!!

Disappearing nine-patch.


  1. looks like a really fun way to spend a girls the way, i love the new picture on your header. It is so pretty.

  2. The view looks remarkable! I am glad you had a good, productive weekend away!

  3. I want a sewing room...I mean a crochet room...or even just a craft room! I would just love to have my own zen space. :) The blanket is beautiful. I love the journal bag, and you already know how much I like the moleskin covered journal. They are all great, and it is even more wonderful that you got to spend the weekend with your friend. :)


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