Tuesday, September 1, 2009

114 Days till Christmas!

Every November seems to pass in a FRENZY of frantic sewing to make Christmas presents. This year I have decided to make everybody picnic rugs. I've been collecting up bits of fabric, and one large duvet cover. I got into huge trouble with Reuben because I cut up his duvet cover. We had brought him a new cars one for his birthday, so I thought the old somewhat ugly yellow one was fair game. Ah, that would be NO. Hmm. Ooops. Now that I've torn it (literally) into 16 pieces to make bags for said picnic rugs, it's days of being a duvet are quite literally over.

Exibit A: Pile of pieces of duvet.

Exibit B: Pile of fabrics ready to cut/tear up for picnic rugs. Nice aqua, yellow thing happening quite fortuously!! My 'helper' - she was an absolute pain today. What age do you think this babe will start getting teeth??

Try out of a layout. Actually I've decided it will be 5 x 5 (10 1/2 inch squares). I'm hoping it will look nice and summery.

I'm going to put a loop in each corner and have some wire hooks to put in each corner to fix it down. I'll make a wee pocket for the hooks in the bag for the picnic rug.


  1. I love the idea of the hooks. These will be great.
    Can't believe you're sewing for Christmas already.
    Well done you!!

  2. I love it! Very summery looking! I soo need to work on Christmas stuff! And, we are having the same problem here - lots of teething and pain, but no tooth yet! Wonder which of our kids will pop one out first! : )

  3. great idea!!! i got quite a laugh reading that you were in trouble with your son.

  4. I have been thinking of starting, but as usuall still haven't done anything about it. This wiil be my first year of trying to make most of the Christmas presents this year. Little overwhelmed. Any suggestions?
    The parcel arrived safe and sound. Thanks so much.


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