Sunday, September 27, 2009

20 Quilts in One Week

Dolly quilts that is! all bagged through rather than bound, but none the less quilts!
All made from scraps that I cut recently, apart from two fabrics I purchased.

Don't they look lovely? Considering last week was so busy with wedding and work and stuff, I still managed to get a lot of sewing done. I made two bags for presents, two dresses for Rene, and these 20 quilts. Mind you I did end up sewing till quite late for two nights.

Off they go to Shenleigh's dad who is making doll cots for markets.


  1. Now that's just showing off!!! lol
    Well done!!
    Andi :-)

  2. You my dear are a machine... where on earth do you fit all of the time in to get these things done.
    Lovely family photo taken at the wedding.

  3. Very impressive - and cute quilts!

  4. those are adorable...i love the bright colors

  5. They are adorable. I wish I had such drive! ;)


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