Sunday, September 6, 2009

And the good mummy award goes too..

Well me of course!! Just. I promised Reuben that I would make him a cover for his ipod and his picnic table cloth before he came home from school the other day.
I just made it before he got in. Not that they were hard projects, but far from it. Just projects I kept putting off.

I think we should keep juice in a teapot more often. It was perfect for pouring!

do you like the teapot? a $3 bargain from the Sally shop!

A perfect way to start the weekend.... 'tea' and biscuits!


  1. what a super mommy...i love the little tablecloth you made...and what are those tasty looking chocolate things on your snack tray? They look wonderful

  2. Very nice teapot, and those biscuits look delicious!

  3. It does look wonderful...that chocolate is calling my name.


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