Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The best way to treat swine flu?

Put the patient to bed in a darkened room and cover with brand new quilt, finished especially for her!

Shut the curtains, cancel school for the rest of the week and feed occasionally.
Apparently it's working! and look what Grandma brought this little darling and her pet!

A brand new playpen. Grandma and I are so happy, and the bubba and her pet are too. We are much too old to run around so this will be perfect!
Aren't they cute?? Also today (after work!) I finally made Chrissy a new cover for her computer following this pattern.


  1. So, does Chrissy really have the swine flu? That sounds horrible! I hope AR and her momma don't get it!

    I hope your sick one is on the mend quickly!

  2. Swine flu? Oh no, here's hopinng she gets better soon and that nobody else catches it.

    Gorgeous quilts in these photos!

  3. loving the quilt...and what a nice grandma to bring such a useful gift. fun computer case....i would make myself one but my daughter picked one at the store and she would be sad if i changed to a new one.

  4. Swine flu? That's awful. Poor thing. Loving the crib and the kitty, but I don't think you are old at all! Have fun as she grows and starts to really move about. ;o)


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