Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Did you miss me?

Just popping in to say 'hi' on my brand new Toshiba Laptop. My old laptop had been quietly dying and it turned out to be a major mission to transfer everything across. I've some pictures to post but I'll do it tomorrow I have MANY emails in my inbox!!
By the way, how are you going with finding 9 pillowcases???


  1. oooh Annie Rose is just so so cute, she is growing way too fast!

  2. She is gorgeous, and looks very happy. Those shoes are adorable - did you make them?

  3. i have missed you....she is so adorable!!! i am not having much luck with my pillowcases....i am going to have to go look through my stash and hope i find more than i think i have

  4. Well, I have yet to find my pillow cases. I need to go to Salvation Army, which I am hoping to do this week. Our local thrift store didn't have anything I could use.

    I love ARs little shoes. So cute!


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