Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I like having a birthday in the Spring...

Getting spring flowers for the living room is lovely. Having a 20 degree day and the living room doors open is fantastic. Being able to wear amazing skirt my sister made me... truly lovely.

Being 41 is not so bad is it? look at this cute wee pin cushion, mine all mine. Also got a magazine sub (thanks mum) shoes (thanks Nana R) chiming clock (thanks David) fabric (thanks kids) and other fun stuff. Oh yes, very funky bag from MommaB all the way from the US.

See my precious charm squares packet of "Authentic" possibly the only packet in the whole Country! I wonder what I can do with one packet of charm squares... any suggestions??


  1. Happy Birthday, Deb! I looks like you had a great one!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Deb,and it's 30 eleven according to Miss Rosalie Quinlan! I like her logic.
    Lovely charm squares, cannot see all but what I can see looks wonderful. and i see that you have Miss Annie Rose's hands well and truly tucked away!

  3. Happy birthday Deb! Yes I think you're the only one with those charm squares. Lucky you.

  4. is today our birthday!!! it is mine too!!! So happy birthday to us!

  5. I love that PIN CUSHION!

    Happy Birthday Deb!

    I hope the bag was not "too much" for you! I love those colors together!

  6. Happy Birthday. Mine is on the 15th. Are you serious about having the doors open and it's 20 degrees? I would freeze.

  7. 20 degrees....celsius...that's 68 degrees fahrenheit...

    And where IS that skirt you got? We want to see PICTURES! OH and that pincushion pattern is free on Ravelry and it's super easy.

    I mean, it's hard, so hard, I slaved over it for hours...

  8. Happy Birthday! I turned 41 back in May and as an old hand I can tell you it's pretty good :)

  9. Hmm...Spring in September? That's a new idea for me, being a Fall in September person...So does that mean that in November/December you are having summer? Strange! Do you celebrate Christmas? Is that in the summer for you?

    Sorry, I just get very intrigued by cultural and geographical differences. :)

    P.S. Happy Be-Lated!! You have the same birthday as my husband. ;o)

  10. Happy birthday for the 8th Deb. I am way behind on reading the blogs. The charm pack is great, I've made a few quilts with charm packs and sashing, and guess I will make some more soon too, I'm getting a couple for my birthday which is tomorrow :-)


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