Sunday, September 6, 2009

Introducing solid food!

Although baby still likes plenty of this...

We have introduced some of this....
Yummy baby rice! I am determined this child is not going to be fussy, so i made it complete with lumps, and she didn't mind at all. why did I expend so much energy making it smooth with the previous three children??
She quite happily ate up about 1/4 a cup and loved sucking on the spoon.
What a good wee girl. Success at last!

I'm not quite sure why Annie-Rose is leaning on the christmas fabric I picked up for $3 a metre for a christmas table cloth. Isn't it funny how when you take a photo of your house you suddenly see all the things that should be put away that you never normally notice? Or is this just me?? Nobody in blogland seems to have messy spots like I do.


  1. I definitely have messy spots all over my house like this, I've just started to shove them out of the way for photos. Sometimes I crop them out afterwards, or just leave the mess there...

    Hooray for Annie-Rose enjoying her rice cereal! Hopefully I'll have similar luck in a few months...

  2. Oh yeah, definitely have the messy spots! I either push it all to one side or I don't publish the photo if it's too bad :P Just yesterday I thought to myself "if the living room wasn't so hideously messy I'd take a video of Hazel dancing right now" but who could I have shown it to without cringing over the mess? So I didn't. I also find that a shallow depth of field makes the backgrounds blurry enough you can't tell if it's mess or what.

  3. First off, the lack of "messy spots" is all in the picture taking! I just avoid the toy area, unless it has been picked up recently!

    I am fascinated with you have wrapped AR in a blanket before feeding her! Why did I NEVER think of that? I have had so many kids and yet I have NEVER had such a good idea! That would have alleviated a lot of the mess of the little hands being waved around!

  4. Gee mum nice one for putting up a photo of Annie sucking on your boob!
    good one!

    P.S. who took the photo???

  5. what a bog is a big step having that food. and trust me there are plenty of messes around here

  6. How sweet she is. Like your new heading.

  7. first of all let me just say I have messy spots! Oh goodness do I have messy spots.
    Anyway, thanks for your comment on my blog about the christmas ornament. I am working on putting together a holiday pattern set and was hoping to include that one. I have not put it together yet though. I will keep you posted if I ever get organized and get that done! :).


  8. Everyone has those messy spots. We just only ever notice our own!!
    I would never have noticed yours if you hadn't pointed it out for me!! LOL
    Cute bubba!! Good luck with the "not fussy" thing.
    I have failed miserably on that front.
    Andi :-)

  9. Speaking of little Annie-Rose, can you please tell me what color her nursery is? I've got a little something in mind for her! ;O)

  10. I'm glad I won't be the first to comment on the boob photo. Very brave! I can't say I will ever be adventerous enough to show that to the world. ;o) When I saw AR wrapped up in the blanket, I had the same exact thought as my sister! Why did she never wrap them up to keep them from swinging their arms? haha She's started making these wonderful coccoons that I have made one of...they will be nice for swaddling to keep hands out of food. haha


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