Monday, September 28, 2009

A Ramble, or Not an expert and not perfect either.

A couple of Saturdays I went to Sharyn and Simona's house and we did some sewing together with a couple of other of our friends. I'd had quite a few people ask me if I would run a group, but as I'm far from an expert I had not wanted to set myself up as one. But our Saturday Stitching group, which we plan to meet once a month is perfect. Its about the women working on their own projects and me helping out where I can (like hold the baby and pour another Coke Zero).

You see my method is practice practice practice and when I look at the pile of old quilts that my family love, I can see that I am getting better. My quilts are getting more square, the joins are tidier and likewise the binding. It's time I feel to do some more complicated stuff.

The Quilting bee I'm part of is really good for me. Every single block has been a challenge to my confidence, although once I get started I can usually produce something like what the person wants. I stress a lot about it though and leave and leave the blocks (currently I have three to do I think) because they terrify me so much. I've decided I love to make things for us and our friends, but struggle with a critic. To be fair, these girls and guys don't seem at all critical, its just the voices in my head I'm fighting with. (you mean you don't have them? it's just me??? oh no)

One of the good things about the Bee is that I get lots of other projects I don't want to do done, while I procrastinate doing what I should be doing!

So currently, I must apologise to Kritta, Kvinta! and Karla, your blocks are coming, really. I'm practicing! [shame]

I've been looking at the Material Obsessions books, have you seen them? I found Sarah's blog while I was hunting for a picture of this quilt., so I borrowed if off her blog. I'm really going to do this quilt...

Isn't it amazing! The only hitches in my plan are:
  1. I don't think I can get the fancy ruler in New Zealand that it uses.
  2. I can't get red spot on white fabric anywhere here, and it needs about 6 1/2 metres.

I'm frankly terrified of it! But it would be awesome.


  1. wow, that is great to pick that one! it looks hard but if you have a group of ladies helping you out i think it will be great.

  2. Hi Hun, isn't it funny, the only doubt we have is in ourselves. It is si hard that we need the word of others to boost our confidence but I know exactly what you mean. I think those people who are able to take compliments and have no self doubt are sometimes extremely lucky, but at other times I would rather be like you and me, unsure and learning all of the time. I would hate to think I know everything.
    I must say though, I enjoy looking at your work and I think your are a wonderful stitcher but I adore the way you open your heart to achieving so much more.
    Oh yes, Lesley at Forgetmeknots Has some new rulers in, if they are what you are looking for I'm not sure.

  3. Thank goodness for the internet. You can find anything on here and get it shipped to you. ;o) I have faith in you. I know that feeling of seeing your things and seeing how much better they have gotten. My first blanket was just awful in my opinion, but it is a wonderful reminder of just how clean my stitches have become.


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