Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend pictures....

We've had a full on weekend. On friday night, David had rehearsal for the wedding and the big kids had a formal with their youth group. Don't they look lovely?

Here is we all are after the wedding looking lovely! Our friends took this photo for us, I spied an opportunity to get a photo for the Christmas card!!

David was one of the groomsmen, they look lovely in their dark suits. I'm even wearing makeup! It didn't matter that I didn't lose those kilos, a baby is the best slimming accessory ever... you hold them and your nasty bits disappear behind the blanket! hehe.

Chrissy looked very girly, also a rare event, the doc martins were left at home and she was wearing some very nice black leather jazz shoes. Success all round!! I have perfected the shopping method whereby we go... actually she reads this, I won't tell!! Anyway we managed to find a complete outfit in less than one hour and all happy.

The bride and groom looking amazing! They were so happy. There were a lot of shiny eyes in the service but we all came out smiling!

It was such a full on weekend, Chrissy and Reuben both had sleep overs as well, that yesterday we were completely zonked. Also daylight savings started on Sunday too so we lost an hour of sleep with the clocks going forward one hour!

Oh it's hard to get four children all looking at the camera at the same time. Happy happy joy joy! I rushed out and brought Reuben's shirt 1 hour before we needed to go because the one I put on him looked like a sack, and James (the darling) put his shirt into the washing machine also 1 hour before we needed to go and so we had to iron it mostly dry and put it on him still damp. Sigh! Still they look nice, you can't hear them hissing at each other.


  1. everybody looks lovely...your family is beautiful!!

  2. You have a beautiful family. Great pictures


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