Sunday, October 11, 2009

5 Signs of Spring....

There's fresh asparagus on the dinner plate and roasted baby tomatoes!

The sun shines on the baby sleeping!

There's lemon passionfruit cheesecake for dessert (made by James xxx)

You do a bit of spring cleaning... the Laundry looks amazing with a rearrange and clean!

The Autumn bubba is old enough to sit at the table and enjoy a cookie!


  1. her little sleeping spot looks ultra cozy! and she is so cute sitting at the this passionfruit/lemon cheesecake sounds like heaven.

  2. Way to go James! That cheesecake looks too good!

    And, that baby won't be a baby for long, as you well know, so squeeze her while you can!

  3. Annie-Rose is growing up so fast! She looks adorable in her baby hammock!


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