Sunday, October 25, 2009

9 Pillowcase Quilt Stage 2!

Righto, time for the next step. By the way it's not too late to start, not too late at all. (Step one here) Anyway we had our pillowcases all cut to the same size and cut into 9 pieces. Now we need to mix them up a bit. This is what I did...
I left the top left the same, then moving clockwise around the quilt I took one off the top and put it to the bottom, and the next pile I took two off the top and put to the bottom, and the next pile I took three off the top... are you getting the picture??

So when I finished my piles looked like this. The next step is to start sewing them together. You take a complete layer off to make the first block. I sewed three rows of three and then sewed the three rows together like this...

There, that's block one. Too easy. Now we have to just sew the rest up. One layer at a time.... which makes one block at a time. I'd love to say that I've already done this, but no, this is a quilt-a-long remember! I'm quilting right along too. Have fun!

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  1. I'v been so keen to make a quilt with pillowcases - great idea will try get into it.


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