Saturday, October 17, 2009

Spring Colour!

The other day I came home from a so-so day at work and made this floor mat for Annie! I'm just enjoying the blocks of bright spring colour. I love the orange, green, yellow and pink together. This is not such a great photo, I took it at night, but it's been rainy since and so I haven't been able to take it outside and get a better picture. I feel sure this quilt will be on the deck for much of the summer for Annie to play on.


  1. This makes me think of a traditional quilt. It takes me back to when I was little. I love it! I really think you should email AR to me for a while, once the momma feeding is over, of course!

  2. she is just adorable...i love this play picked such great colors.

  3. Beautiful - I need to make one of these for my baby girl!


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