Monday, October 26, 2009

By my bed today...

This weeks photo is "By my bedside" and when I went to take a photo, hmm I decided it needed a makeover. As you can see there's not much space, Annie-Rose sleeps by my wardrobe (I have to move the bassinette everytime I want something out). Anyway isn't it attractive? no? you don't like the old socks on the floor, the breast pads on the table and the dust and junk? really??

Hmm. Ok does this look better??

Oh yes it does. I washed the wee cloth because I love the colour. I put a candle in a cute mug and a flower in a cute vase. I put my ring collection (that I don't wear, just like to look at) on one of my Gambitware leaf plates. Oh and I brought a new clock for $3.80 in the lovely Aqua shade, so much nicer than the hideous, partially melted (by an old light) digital clock. Thanks so much to Pip, my bedside table is making me smile today.


  1. You made me smile!"\:-)!!!
    Nice make over...
    Wish you were here I have too areas which need a make over!
    Annie Rose is so precious...she is worth all the inconvenience:-)
    I am looking for a bassinet for our little one coming in Feb!

  2. Love the bed side table. Nothing like going to take a picture to help you realize you want to amp it up. :)

  3. LOL! That made me laugh. Love the dirty socks and breast pads. Been there. So honest, love it!

  4. I think you are the first player on our wee meme who has a lovely BABY bedside. That's GOT to be the cutest bedside accessory ever, I think! xx


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