Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to make an spider [and also laugh at your fears!]

A few years ago Roo had a problem with going to the toilet. He did not like no.2's. So I made him a friendly poo out of felt with button eyes. There is nothing like laughing at your fears to cut them down to size. The friendly poo is still knocking around in the toy box. See...

Well Roo has a big problem with spiders. So we thought we would make a friendly spider. I wanted something quick and easy and here it is....

Isn't he cute? do you want to make one?? Well it's your lucky day! All you need are some pipe cleaners, a wee bit of batting, some felt (we used fleece actually), some eyes, a button and a string. A pair of scissors and a hot glue gun are also helpful.

Cut two circles of felt (or fleece) and two circles of batting, about the size of the bottom of a drinking glass. Make a spider sandwich like this...

Then put the lid on and sew around. I used the zig zag stitch on my machine, but you could easily hand stitch too. Glue on two eyes...

We sewed a button on his back which was his "web spinner" and tied his web (string) to that. Bend his legs to look more spider like...

And he is all ready to go! Isn't he great? Roo loves him, he even took him to school to scare his teacher!

Spider is so jolly easy, there really is no excuse to make a whole batch just in time for Halloween!

And don't forget to add some fun to something you are worrying about, a laugh will cut any fear down to size!


  1. Oh my gosh, you seem like such a fun mom! There aren't too many who would make a toy poo for their children.

  2. I love your toy spider, and I think we'll make some of these before Halloween!

  3. OH MY!! I'm going to make my sis in law a stuffed poo!!!

    She will love it!!


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