Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's not Autumn here but it is Halloween on Saturday...

So it's all greens and pinks in the garden, not oranges and red. I want to talk to Reuben about Halloween (he knows about it from school) and how we don't need to be scared of the witches and gouls. So I thought I would make an orange quilt with him using these fabrics....

I'll use white for a back ground and use these warm oranges for wonky stars. We got a piece of black fabric with these purples and lime greens and the Pink Panther, and we'll put this on the back. While we make it, we can talk about how we don't need to worry about those scary things, he worries about stuff like that.


  1. oh that is sweet and beautiful. what a wonderful mommy you are. i can not wait to see what it looks like all done. i love wonky stars. having never lived or been anywhere but the northern hemisphere, i can't imagine what it would be like to have halloween with spring weather.

  2. you will get his attention with a quilt like that! very nice choices! hope you get the message across!


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