Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lesson for yesterday... if in doubt call the fire brigade!

Yesterday at Kaikoura we heard a loud bang and some children crying, we looked out the window and thought a gas bottle had exploded and the dust was settling. The family next door went into the house, but as we watched we realised the boat was on fire. Shenleigh rang the firebrigade who are volunteers and take a while to get there and the people next door came out and started putting it out with a garden hose. I really thought they would do it, but no the flames got higher and higher and we thought that the car would explode. It was so scary we forgot to take pictures, at one point the fence was on fire and we thought the house would go up. The fire brigade arrived and it was out within minutes.

I was shocked though at how quickly it got out of control, and would definitely ring the fire brigade much quicker if I came across a fire. No body was hurt, although the boat was ruined, and the car and house were damaged.


  1. Fires can be very scary! I'm glad this one was put out before it caused too much damage.

  2. thank goodness everyone was safe!

  3. Wow! Exciting day. Glad everyone is ok and you even learned a lesson and could teach the kids a lesson all at the same time. :)


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