Saturday, October 24, 2009

A good days work was done by all.

No sewing this weekend, but plenty of this.... buying plants. It's so much fun choosing them.

Time for a cuppa while we work out what goes where!

Chrissy was multi-tasking. Looking after bubba while she tidied her 'store-room' (the bedroom we made for her in the garage that she doesn't sleep in!!)

James was a machine yesterday. He waterblasted all the outdoor furniture, cleaned the bbq ready for the first bbq of the season and mowed the lawns. (David was busy too, he was shifting plants and doing stuff ready for some major outdoor earthworks next week - oh joy)

On a quilt in the sun. Reuben got that toy dog at a garage sale. It's going EVERYWHERE with him. I suspect it might have gone to church this morning.

Here is Reuben 'hiding' sunflower seeds in the ground. We put strawberrys, sunflowers, sweet peas, sage and chives in this garden, and we want to put parsley and a Rosemary bush as well.

And so at the end of the day we had dinner with our neighbours. It was a bit chilly, see the woolley jerseys! but we were determined to enjoy and celebrate the beginning of the lighter evenings when we all come out of hibernation!


  1. looks like a really nice day!! dinner with friends is the best

  2. Such a typical kiwi weekend! Now if only someone would tell the weatherman that our gardens need WARMTH!
    All looks good Deb xx Mum


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