Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Remember the 9 pillowcases you collected? are you read to use them???

While your baby is sleeping, the dinner is cooking and the washing is rolling about in the machine. Get your nine pillowcases together and a pair of scissors. Do you want to know what you are going to make?? I'm sure you can guess! I often hear people say they can't afford to do quilting and it makes me sad. I think it's pretty accessable really. We are going to make a lovely quilt to snuggle under out of our 9 pillowcases along the same vein as the very popular 9-fat-quarter quilts, except ours is the 9 Vintage Pillowcase Quilt!

One side of the pillowcases will be cut up and pieced together for the quilt top and the other side of the pillowcase will be sewn together to make the quilt back. The flap inside the pillowcase will be the binding. How does that sound?? I think it sounds like recycling at it's best! but that's me for you :)

Let's get started.  Using a pair of scissors cut the pillowcases down their seams to get two pieces from each pillowcase. Then collect up the shorter piece, (most pillowcases have a flap on one side) and lay them on your cutting board.

This is the only slightly tricky part. Work out which of your pieces is the smallest and trim all the others to the same size as this one. I borrowed Shenleigh's huge cutting mat, so I could lay them flat, but if I was at home I would have had to fold and cut them one at a time.

Then the next step is the fun part. You need to make two cuts horizontally, and two cuts vertically through all the pillowcases. In this picture you can see all my neat little piles of nine in their different sizes. Once again you may have to do them a  few at a time. You don't want each of your nine blocks to be too similar, you'll see that I have some little and some big, some fat and some skinny....

There. That wasn't so hard was it? Let me know how you are going and I'll post the next step next week.

{PS: It doesn't have to be vintage pillowcases, they are 4 for $1 here at the op-shop, so very economical. You can go to K Mart or Target or the Warehouse or wherever you can find cheap pillowcases, just GET STARTED. That's the main thing. Right I'll just hop off my hobby horse now!! }


  1. wow...this looks like it is going to be fun...

  2. You are so amazing. I'm starting mine today.

  3. Just finished cutting them out. I'm ready master.

  4. Awesome little hat! ;o) I never did get any pillowcases. Hope to join in next time.


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