Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Working together...

Annie-Rose supervising the boys working in Jame's Room

Spot the wee red hat? James had A MAJOR TIDY UP!
So why do I have so much washing to do now???

Here's Reuben and I working on his quilt patches.

Lots of concentration.

Ooh watch those fingers!

It's all good.
We've had such a good week working together.
A job shared is definitely a job halved!
Chrissy and I shared the putting away of many many clothes in Roo's room.
Annie-Rose also supervised the tidying in the Girls Room.
James and I worked hard in his room.
It's so nice to have some tidy rooms to look at.
Does that mean I can sew tomorrow??

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  1. she looks like a perfect little tidy up gnome with her wee red hat!! i wish ihad one! and those shots of you two working on the quilt are so sweet


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