Sunday, November 15, 2009

a lot of blue photos [not too much sun!]

We had a great time. It was very very busy, we had 5 kids with us so was pretty full on. We ate good food. I like cooking when camping because I have more time. I also like the discipline of having two pots and a frying pan, and two gas hobs, because I have to keep washing the pots over and over! I'm sure my dishes washers like that too! The rule is the kids always do the dishes on holiday.

I made a great salad... look it matches.... the salad, the plate, the tablecloth and the duraware plates and cups!! Funny and sad that I noticed!!

Annie-Rose slept very well in the cot. Ok I give up, time to take the bubba out of the Bassinette. You mean she shouldn't be in it at 7 months? Yeah I know I know. Cot from now on!!

Our tent was not the most organised (surprise surprise) but it was the prettiest!! It had bunting.

It had quilts on all the beds. By the way we brought an awesome airbed the night before we went that has a pump and pumps itself up and down. It was fantastic. And it only cost $99 from the Warehouse. Everybody needs one for their unexpected guests.

I brought some beautiful beautiful fabric from the great shop in Geraldine. Two of them were only $11 a metre, obviously not too popular in Geraldine, but I love love love them. I"ll have to make something funky with them. It was from a range I've never seen before called..... Mag and Mimi Designs for Timeless Treasures 2007. I'll have to try and find some more.

Annie-Rose has learnt to wave. Gotta love this baby!

Now I have lots of washing. I made the best washing bags, I'll have to telll you how as I found them so so good, plus it made me happy to see their pretty colours and (almost) took my mind off how many zillion loads of washing is hiding in them!!


  1. I love the wave photo, and that fabric you bought is stunning!

  2. you are amazing...the bunting, the laundry bags, the is all so perfect!!! that little girl is so precious! love the wave. she looks so comfy in her travel crib

  3. Looks like you all had a great time. Love the baby wave.

  4. I have total MELMAC envy! Camping is allllll about the cooking--I agree.


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