Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A new life for an eco-bag... [or how to make a toothbrush bag]

Do you have an eco-bag breeding centre?? we do. It seems every shop these days seems to give you an eco-bag. I've been racking my brains to think what to do with them. I needed a toothbrush bag for a wee boy who is coming camping with us this weekend and I thought aha, I'll make it from one of those bags. 10 Minutes later...

Sorted! I think Tyrin will like it. Whether he does or not, at least he will have a toothbrush and some shower gel to keep him clean. I think it will work as it will not get all soggy like cotton would, and best of all it doesn't fray so was so quick to make. I wonder who else needs one.

Its a public holiday here tomorrow, we are off to the Farmyard Holiday Park tomorrow to do some of this...

Well our tent is a bit like this.

The thing is we have not been camping since a disasterous outing with Reuben when he was tiny, Annie-Rose has never been camping, we are taking James' friend Keiren and David's little boy he mentors, Tyrin. The possibility for disaster is endless. Also the forecast is for rain.

What are we thinking? No more posts from me till Sunday night.


  1. Have a great weekend, hope you have glorious weather.

  2. Love the bag! Good luck Lady! I hope it goes well!

  3. you are thinking the fun is going to be worth it!!! my husband always tries to get me to camp but i have not agreed yet!!! :o) the farm looks like fun and my goodness you are clever making that out of a eco are taking reusing to a whole new level...

  4. Have fun. We love camping. Haven't been in a while though. Maybe we'll come with you? Can a tent fit in the overhead on a plane? ;)

  5. Hope the trip is going well, and that you don't get rained on!


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