Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sleepy Saturday....

I really like these Mosaics. These are some pictures I took on Saturday morning. James was awake, but resisting the temptation to get up, Chrissy was all snuggly warm in bed. Her bed looks so pretty with the quilts and pillows. Annie (the reason I'm up so early) was having some gluten-free toast and Roo just surfaced. I love that first thing in the morning Saturday feeling.


  1. It is a good feeling for sure. This mosaic reminds me of being a child, being at home with mom. She was always awake earlier than us and always had her coffee pot going. When I got into my teen age years, there were a few times (Oh, How I wish there were more!) where we would sit quietly and sip our coffee together.

    Thank you so much for helping to bring that memory up. I can almost here Reuben's little feet shuffling as he came into the room with his bed head. ;o)

  2. there is something special and cozy about a lazy saturday morning....everyone rush to be anywhere....just sleeping in and enjoying one another.


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